Invitation to Our OPEN HOUSE and                          to Attend a Free Law Course

You are welcome to attend our Open House Event and a totally FREE .5 Unit Law School Course.   Our Open House Event and law course will be comprised of three sessions that will begin on Monday, September 29th at 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm.  Two additional class sessions will continue on Wednesday, October 1st and Monday, October 6th at 6:30 pm each evening.  You may attend this event and law course with no commitment to enroll as a law student.

If you would like to join us, please, reserve your space by emailing or the Email-Us link. 

The course we are offering is very informative and will shed light on a new perspective of what law school is about.  The course, "Introduction to Law, Legal System of the United States, and the Bar Exam", will cover the fundamentals of law, law school, careers and the practice of law.   You will also learn about our legal system;  the differences between Bar Exams and typical college exams;  what it really means to “Think like a Lawyer”;  test taking tips for law school exams;  about the opportunities and advantages of having a law degree;  State Bar licensing requirements; and much, much more to help prepare students with a better understanding of the law school experience.   

Located in the upscale Bayside Technology Business area, the school offers plenty of Free Student Parking.  Our modern facilities are in a quiet, lovely, “eco-friendly” location that is conducive to a positive learning environment.  We are just steps away from some of the world’s leading high-tech, bio and eco-tech companies at 2722 Bayview Drive, Fremont, CA.   

Remember….“Education is an investment in your life and lack of knowlege is far more costly.” 


The University of Silicon Valley Law School is a California Law School established for the purpose of offering working adults the great opportunity to obtain a Juris Doctorate, J.D. Degree in an comprehensive evening program, just steps from the worlds most leading high-tech companies in the Bay Area.

The J.D. program gives our students the opportunity to use their legal education to become a licensed California attorney & our eligible students may qualify for the General Bar Examination.

Our evening schedule makes it possible for working adults to attend three evening classes per week and affords students the opportunity to achieve their goals in a part time California law program.

Our campus is in the lovely Fremont Tech Center located at 2722 Bayview Drive, South Fremont, California. The campus is easily accessible and offers plenty of convenient free parking for our students. The area surrounding the campus is well-groomed, secure and located along a quiet, tree-lined street neighboring other major educational institutions and a multitude of high-tech companies.

The Advantages

Lower Tuition Costs lessens the financial burden and makes a Juris Doctorate J.D. Degree affordable.  Smaller Class sizes make the learning experience productive and will result in more individual attention from instructors which creates a better learning environment. Great faculty members, who are dedicated to our students and are made up of practicing attorneys and qualified educators, they provide our students a robust legal education in a range of law subject areas as they prepare for the Bar Examination.

The Result Our affordable program offers the great opportunity to attain very valuable knowledge of laws that governs us in our daily lives. It provides an educational focus on attaining your Law Degree as you prepare for the California Bar Exam!

Your success will be ours!!


Our Campus is conveniently located near north Milpitas, in South Fremont at the Fremont Tech Center next to Hwy. 880...  Now all of our Students from the East Bay as well as the South Bay can easily access our campus because we are now centrally located on the border of Alameda and Santa Clara Counties...  Earn Your Law Degree Part Time! >>>  


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